Cattle Barn
Cattle Barn

Let us Cover Your Assets The highest quality and value

Covered Play Area
Covered Play Area

Our Strength is in Our Structure

Mounted on Ground Screws
Mounted on Ground Screws

Innovative Structural Solutions

Cattle Barn
Cattle Barn

Let us Cover Your Assets The highest quality and value


Calhoun’s proven and reliable engineering has been the driving force from every beginning.  With the emphasis on customer service and quality craftsmanship, our company’s primary focus is on client satisfaction. Our mission is to leverage decades of benchmark engineering and exceptional service to design, manufacture and deliver the best fabric structures in the industry.



We protect our structures from rust and deteriation by hot dip galvanizing every welded truss.


Our highly-trained engineers, designers and detailers have spent years building the strongest and safest structures available specifically for your industry.


Calhoun structures boast low operational maintenance costs by comparison to traditional buildings, while offering a large, secure, well ventilated storage solution.


Our buildings are designed to be easily deployable and portable, making them ideal for a wide range of purposes.



Customizable & Expandable

Considering the various ways of how the structure will be used before you get started is important. Click below for  just a few of the options to consider.

Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a larger scale project, I can handle it all.  We offer top-notch work at fair and competitive prices. Contact me today for a quote.

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What Structure can we build for you?

Every Calhoun structure is supported with over two decades of engineering excellence and attention to detail.  Quality is 100% assured.

Our buildings offer a beautiful, functional and bright solution to any structure need, backed by years of engineering excellence. You can rest easy knowing Calhoun engineers have laboured over every detail to design a better structure that lasts longer.  We pioneered a fabric structure production process that includes hot dip galvanizing every truss post welding, the option of corrosion resistant Super Shield coating and the flexibility of free span interior. We utilize a 3D Finite Element Non-Linear Analysis while designing every building, so we can give detailed points of pressure or stresses on each specific area of your building.  We are confident that our superior engineering results in stronger, longer lasting buildings. All fabric structures come with an engineer’s stamp but they are not all the same. We encourage you to investigate the Calhoun difference.  Calhoun offers you a warranty you can trust.


WIDTHS: 32', 42', 52' & 62' This ideal adaptable building design allows you to achieve greater capacity for any budget.


WIDTHS: 50', 60', 65', 72' & 82' HIGH TOP has extra interior height with "tank" toughness for heavy snow load areas!

WIDTHS: FROM 30' to 200' Distinctive  Traditional building | ANY size | ANY type of application| ANYWHERE in the World!

WIDTHS: 32', 36', 40' & 50' The FIRST-EVER fabric building in the industry designed and engineered exclusively for container use!